Polish Pierogi Bistro Charlotte Denver

Dinner is served.

Our Pierogi are designed to make your busy life easier! They make a quick and simple dinner or a tasty snack. You can even try all our flavors and throw a pierogi party. 

Never heard of Pierogi? These delicious dumplings were originally created in Poland and are a staple in Polish cuisine. If you've never tried them, pierogi are similiar to the Chinese potsticker or even the Italian ravioli. The tender pasta-like dumplings are filled with cheese, potato, onion, sauerkraut , and more. The only limit is your imagination! 

Here at Bistro Charlotte we are dedicated to making the best pierogi available. Each dumpling is handmade from scratch using recipes that have been kept in our grandmother's cookbooks for centuries. We are committed to using the highest quality ingredients in our product in order to bring the best flavor to your table. 

We use only natural, hormone-free and organic ingredients.